Grievance Gamer Girls

Welcome to Grievance Gamer Girls

When you hear the words "gamer girl", how do you react?

Do you think, “a girl who just plays video games”?

See, sometimes our minds can minimize and even place a stereotypical hindrance upon the idea. As like-minded women who game, we want to show you that there is so much more to us than these feral, and sometimes harsh, stereotypes. While we are equipped with different personalities and interests, we have this one thing in common: Video games.

Grievance Gamer Girls are the female demographic of a large gaming community known as the Grievance Gaming Organization. We share the common interest of gaming and wish to show others exactly what we’re made of. The female gaming population has grown exponentially over the course of many years. Though a lot of us may not speak up we plan to broaden those horizons and give ourselves, and other women, a chance for our voices to resonate.

We are as diverse as the games we play and united by the desire to strive for a better future for all female gamers. It's our passion, perhaps even a personal job, that we take seriously. The Grievance Gamer Girls are very welcoming, open-minded, and caring to those involved, or even just around us. Everyone is considered an equal and truly amazing in our eyes.

Working together, we aim to make our community grow, prosper, and inspire.

We are Grievance.

We are the Grievance Gamer Girls.